Idea . Draft . Prototype .

Only materialized ideas carry value .

Unusual things we handle in stock .

Miracles take a little bit more time .

Have you trouble choosing a gift? Would you like to make unique present?

Are you interior designer with a lot of amazing ideas, but you have no workshop to realize them?

Have you broken motorcycle or bicycle item? Or perhaps you want something bigger, lighter, better and more pro?

Would you decorate your restaurant with innovative decorations? Do you want an unique furniture, with LED backlight, remote controlled?

Would you have electronic amazing thing, which blinks, buzzez and have colorful bells and whistles with LED display?

Would you support all items in your e-commerce with 3d photography?

It's a place for you!

We are open-minded, have agile hands and a workshop full of tools and machines. They twice our abilities!

Design an unique item. Deliver us a draft and description. We will support you to realize your idea.

We will mill a tons of metal, bend hundrets of sheets, we will print in 3d from plastics, and melt and colour a glass and time-space to achieve a success with you.

CNC milling

We have milling machines to process plexiglass, wood, ply, steel and more. CNC milling covers black steel, stainless, acid-proof, alloys and aluminium. Machining CNC is one of ground technology, we offer to our customers.


Our lathes can handle up to 300x1000mm items. 50mm trough spindle. We are able to turn not only metal items, but also wooden and rubber one.

3D Printing

ABS and PLA filaments available. We get high fidelity of printings thanks to Zortrax technology.


Our primary material in welding services is stainless. We weld also black steel constructions, acid-proof elements and aluminium. Our area of competence covers small and big welding fixes, but also complex items, where welding, grinding and polishing is needed to receive visually attractive products.

Laser cutting

Metal sheet parts which needs fine quality of edge we perform on laser cutter. Main products, which leave our workshop after such action is made of brushed stainless steel for kitchen, bakery, interior design. We prepared also parts for automotive and motorcycles.

Plasma cutting

Having heavy plasma cutting device we are able to deliver parts, which will be later welded and merged into bigger constructions, which will be later welded and painted.

3d scanning

Initially scanned item cannot be greater than 300x300x300 mm. However we are during development of bigger scanner.

3d photography

Our hardware is able to round you and make a set of photos which may be used for 3d photography. We can handle tiny and quite big (1x1x2 meters) objects.

Automation and embedded systems

Motion control, stepper and servo drives are not an rocket science for our engineers. We have experience in assembly of milling machine control unit based on stepper motors and servo drives.