Our goal

Metal constructions. Laser cutting.

Turn your business needs

Into our high quality results

We meet the needs of companies where other suppliers of metal components are unable to deliver at a satisfactory time and quality.


Take care of your business…

...and let us choose the right production technologies and the production itself. You will simply receive your order on the agreed date. On request, we will deliver the order within Szczecin and Stargard.

Our fields of expertise

You can not be the best in everything. Therefore, we strive to be unrivaled when it comes to products based on profiles and sheet metal.
With the rich experience that we gained over the years, we are able to materialize various (un)complicated projects.

We happened to be involved in projects that we did not know were previously impossible.

Products made of profiles

We make various profile-based constructions. These products are both powder coated, and stainless. Tables, shelves, platforms and other products for interior decorations and industry.

Products made of metal sheet

Laser cutter, press brake, and heads full of ideas allow us to create elements from a customer’s technical drawing, as well as products designed by us.

Bigger steel constructions

For our long-time business partners, we regularly produce individual components as well as complete "white-label" products that reach the end customer under a different name.


Some projects require the use of wood. This is a material that always gives us a lot of fun during processing and painting. We like loft-style furniture, where solid wood is an addition to raw steel.

Milled and turned elements

Milling machines along with, both conventional and numerical, lathes allow us to make single items and prepare complex details in series.

Plexi, glass and others

We meet the challenge of projects related to glass processing, laser cutting and plexi bending, composites milling and many other fields. The knowledge gained through these projects allows us to achieve the ultimate result - customer satisfaction.

Our programming stack

Work in a factory

is not just

sitting by the welding machine.

Usually, each project starts with the software. Autodesk Fusion360 is our choice. The program enables us to quickly prototype and share the vision of the product with the online customer. All you need is a computer or a smartphone with Internet access.

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